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- 8 - Arbeitsblätter

This little crossword about various animals should not be too difficult for children to complete.

Pupils will learn about having a cat as a pet by filling in the gaps using words from the boxes which are categorised as "body parts", "entertainment" and "care".

These tangled up lines lead to various animals. Pupils can follow the lines with their eyes and complete the sentences.

Pupils can fill in the correct names of various circus animals by choosing from the box on the right.

This work sheet includes a colouring puzzle. Pupils can colour in all the animals which live on a farm and they will discover one of the largest animals on the planet.

Pupils will learn the names of various animals by writing down the number of the picture and the German translation. Afterwards they must cut out the pictures. When the teachers says e.g.: "show me the bear" , pupils must point to the card and raise it up.

Pupils can assign numbers to pictures of animals and translate the words into German.

animals - food; Pupils can find the correct words to describe certain pictures using a set of vocabulary.